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Alice Drablow is the unseen secondary antagonist of The Woman in Black and all of its adaptions. She is the spoiled, hypocritical sister of Jennet Humfrye - the Woman in Black.


When Alice Drablow's unnamed husband had an affair with her sister, Jennet, Alice incorrectly blamed Jennet and had the authorities take the resulting newborn child from Jennet so that Alice herself could adopt him to spite her sister. Alice excommunicated her sister from the boy and the rest of the village, right up until the point where Jennet threatened violence if she could not see her son - named Nathaniel.

Jennet was introduced as a nanny, and, obviously, she and the boy became intensely close: Nathaniel became loving and kind towards Jennet, and resentful towards Alice. However, he was unaware that Jennet was in fact his biological mother. One day, Alice sent the boy out on a pony and trap to visit the village, but on the way back, the mist fell on the moors and the pony and trap got stuck in the quicksand. Alice saved herself, but did not bother to try and save Nathaniel, who drowned.

Jennet saw the whole thing and began to violently blame her sister for Nathaniel's death. Unable to imagine life without her son, Jennet hung herself. As a ghost, Jennet haunted and tormented her sister with hallucinations of Nathaniel's death, as well as other frightening attacks on Alice, in recognition of Alice's selfish acts. Alice died at an advanced age - her death brought Arthur Kipps to Crythin Gifford, provoking the events of The Woman in Black.