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Alfonso is the main antagonist in the 1994 south korean adult animated movie Blue Seagull.


Alfonso is an evil and sadistic man who has no problem with murdering innocent people, and he isn't above raping women either. He is also racist, since he constantly calls Ha-il (the main protagonist) a 'Yellow' for being Korean, and he's also shown to have a dislike towards black people and refers to them as 'Negros'. Plus he is a hypocrite, shown as he gets angry at two thugs for bringing guns into a strip club, even though he himself carries a gun in every place he visits. In a skyscraper, he gets into a fight with Ha-il. Alfonso ends up getting stabbed in the eye by Ha-il before being tossed out the window. however alfonso somehow survives, and is seen climbing up the skyscraper. alfonso eventually confronts Ha-il getting ready to kill him, until another character twists alfonso's neck killing him.

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