I am Alf-Layla-wa-Layla. I AM the Arabian Nights! I will be its new creator! I will remake this world and this reality in my own image!
~ Alf-Layla-wa-Layla
I am... the creator. The stories of this world are... MINE!
~ Alf-Layla-wa-Layla

Alf-Layla-wa-Layla (in Japanese: アルフ・ライラ・ワ・ライラ, Arufu Raira wa Raira, Arabic: ألف ليلة و ليلة) is an incomplete, twisted, grotesque demonic genie that is the powered-up form of Erazor Djinn and the final boss in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

His name can be translated from Arabic as "A thousand nights and one night".


In full appearance, he is a horribly grotesque pink demon with a single eye that shoots white fire from its pupil, no nose, an enormous mouth with shark-like teeth, six arms, each with a large corresponding inscribed muscle in his chest, and an enormous, bulging torso. From the knees down, his legs are long, thin, and segmented, like insect legs.

The four World Rings that he keeps are attached to his shoulders and thighs, and he belches white fire from his head. He has a long, sharp tail that is essentially his sword in another form. However, before he lost the three extra World Rings to Sonic, he took on a different form: that of an enormous ball of purple energy with seven talon-like arms and his single eye emerging from it. This suggests that the true Alf-Layla-wa-Layla is never fought, but instead the being that Darkspine Sonic battled was, as Sonic put it, "some incomplete monster", since he was using only four World Rings to fight. (Sonic had the other three.)


Alf Layla-wa-Layla

The true form of Alf Layla-wa-Layla (Alf-Layla-wa-Layla) with all seven World Rings.

This dark magical entity was created when Erazor sacrificed Shahra the Ring Genie and absorbed the World Rings. In order to fully complete his transformation, he intends to sacrifice Sonic, who collected the rings in the first place. He desires to rule both the Arabian Nights world and Sonic's own world.

Erazor then absorbs the rings, transforming into the monstrous, six-armed beast, Alf-Layla-wa-Layla. While forming from a grey mist in the darkness, he remarks "I am Alf-Layla-wa-Layla. I AM the Arabian Nights! I will be its new creator! I will remake this world and this reality in my own image!".

However, the rings of Sadness, Rage and Hatred erupt from his back. Sonic remarks that Alf-Layla-wa-Layla is "just some incomplete monster", before the rings that shot from Alf-Layla-wa-Layla merge with Sonic, transforming him into Darkspine Sonic. At the beginning of the actual battle, he shouts before Sonic, "I am... the creator. The stories of this world are... mine!"

Sonic, in his enraged Darkspine form, shouts back, "If this is your world, then it's a world that I don't want any part of!" The beastial Erazor simply laughs and the battle begins.

After the battle, Alf-Layla-wa-Layla will fall and erupt into Arabian Nights. Darkspine Sonic will shout down to him: "Your tale is finished Erazor! Next time, try writing a better story!".


  • It is possible that both Erazor and Sonic gain the ability to alter the Arabian Nights when transformed, as Sonic is capable of hearing the dead Shahra and Erazor is able to bring her back to life (albeit being forced to do so), despite the original Arabian Nights stating that revivals were impossible.
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