Alexis Carrington is the main antagonist in Dynasty.


Alexis Carrington spent most of the series trying manipulate, bully and scheme her way to the top. She was married to Blake Carrington the oil tycoon in Denver Colorado and they had four kids and three grand kids. When she found out Blake is married to Krstyle Jennings she was upset. She holds a huge grudge against Blake when she had an affair with Roger Grimes an artist and that's when Blake divorced her and exiled her away from her children and Denver Colorado. She is been holding a huge grudge against Blake that day. They stop being in love when their son Adam Carrington was kidnapped and Blake called off the search. That is why they were estranged. Anyway, she came back on season 2 and watch Blake in trial and decides to testify against her ex-husband. But Blake is acquitted and found out he was married to Krstyle. For the next few seasons Blake, Krstyle and Alexis been feuding against each other for control estate of their oil company and their money. Blake also found out, Alexis kept his newborn daughter Amanda that he never met before. Amanda was born in Switzerland and raised in London by Alexis cousin. When was Amanda was twenty and found out Alexis and Blake were their parents, she went to Denver and meet them. Alexis groomed her daughter Amanda into marrying Michael the prince of Moldavia, even though Amanda was in love with Alexis current husband Dex Dexter. Alexis and Dex split when she found about his affair with her daughter Amanda. She was estranged to Amanda from then on.