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Alexander Romanov was the Premier of the Soviet Union and the main antagonist of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Only in the Allied perspective). He was a distant relative of Nicholas II and supporter of communism.

Alexander Romanov

After Joseph Stalin's death, the Allies put Romanov in power to eliminate communism. However, Romanov tricked the Allies to giving him power so that he can have his revenge against the Allies for defeating the Soviets. The other countries supported him and fell for his lie. Romanov built up the military and invaded the U.S., catching them offguard.  The Premier also invaded major cities in Europe and the Pentagon, crippling the Allies. The Allies led a counterattack on Moscow and overrun Soviet defenses. Romanov tried to hide from the Allies by sending an imposter. The Allies defeated the imposter and imprisoning Romanov in the Tower of London.

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