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Alexander Dunning

I love watching you being the goody guy, kicking ass for your country (laughs), it showed a spectacular lack of vision, you're a tool just like him, you think he's made me a lot of money now? Just wait till he becomes president. (Sighs) I love running rings around you. But I gotta admit, I never figured that when I ran you out of my house, you'd actually nab him.
~ Dunning, confessing to why he has been watching Frank.

Alexander Dunning is the true main antagonist of 2010 action-comedy film Red, he sends assassins to kill agents and hide background of Robert Stanton's killings of Guatemalan villagers. Frank and his team had interrogation to Dunning.

Dunning was arm dealer and killed by Frank Moses, who crushes his windpipe, instantly killing him.

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