Alex Dupré is a character in the CW television series "One Tree Hill". She is one of the secondary antagonists during Season 7 and now main protagonist.

She is portrayed by Jana Kramer.


Alex Dupré (born Alice Whitehead) is the actress who Brooke Davis hired to be the new face of Clothes Over Bro's. She rocked Tree Hill when she arrived to begin working with the company with her confident, yet shameless, behavior, dim-witted attitude and childlike demeanor. She is known for living on the wild side, even going as far as to be admitted to rehab before arriving in Tree Hill, but she can be focused and disciplined when she wants to be, noted by her commitment to writing a script with Julian Baker. Alex used their script-writing to get close to him, but after Julian affirmed his love for Brooke to her, she had to give up her "new drug". After her involvement in Brooke and Julian's relationship caused them to break up and Julian took his anger out on her, Alex tried to commit suicide. After her suicide she changed a lot and become a nicer person. She patch things up with Julian and Brooke and help Millicent recover from drugs. She became a part of the one tree hill gang. However, she was able to move on and form a relationship with Chase Adams despite its difficulties and she was able to start a successful country music career. Alex Dupre was similar to Brooke Davis when she was in high school.