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Alex is the leader of the MS One prisoners and the main antagonist, later anti-hero in the 2012 film Lockout, along with his brother Hydell. However, he is far less evil than his brother and doesn't approve his actions (he even admits that the only reason why he didn't kill him is that they are from the same family). He is also clearly much more reasonable, intelligent and thoughtful, and he generally avoids to kill when it's not necessary, though he didn't hesitate to kill a few hostages. He is portrayed by Vincent Regan.

Alex was the main antagonist for most of the movie, but was ultimately killed off to make way for the true main villain to take over.


Alex has been imprisoned in the space penitentiary MS One for unknown crimes, but his brother Hydell manages to release him along with the other prisoners. Once out of his cell, he easily beats two prison guards and becomes the leader of the prisoners. After the prisoners took control of the prison, he tries to use many hostages (including the president's daughter Emilie Warnock) to negotiate their release. He also prevents his brother to rape or kill hostages several times.

After a man named Snow has rescued Emilie, Alex pursues them with some other prisoners. He finally finds and captures the girl and also shoots Snow. Soon after, Alex prevents his brother from raping Emilie once again. Disappointed, Hydell kills him by stabbing.

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