Rojas' CIA wanted picture.

Alejandro Rojas alias "Alex the Red", was an arms dealer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. He lived in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and was protected by the local militia. He was also a contact and armorer of Vladimir Makarov, which is the reason he attracted the attention of Task Force 141.


According to information in the cutscene before "Takedown", Rojas began his career as a low level munitions clerk for the KGB, Soviet Intelligence, but quickly worked his way up the career ladder. He oversaw overseas connections with the Far East and South American trades, a buffer between government and mercenaries trading in all levels of weaponry.

Rojas then went freelance in 1998, where he went off the grid for many years, and was thought to be involved with many terrorist organizations. He eventually created a phony shipping company called "Fregata Industries" to act as a front for his black market dealings.

In 2016, Rojas supplied Vladimir Makarov and Inner Circle terrorists with weapons to be used in the Zakhaev International Airport Massacre. However, Task Force 141 trace bullet casings used during the massacre and discover Rojas' involvement.

When the task force attempted to capture him, Rojas fled and evaded them several times during a lengthy chase through a Brazilian favela. but he is eventually captured when Captain John "Soap" MacTavish tackles him out a window to pin him on a car below, and interrogated for information on Makarov. The Task Force leaves him for dead, with MacTavish saying that "The streets will take care of him". His true fate remains unknown, however, as it not certain if the Brazilian militia killed him or if he survived and went into hiding (it is generally the player's choice to kill Rojas or not at the beginning of the level "The Hornet's Nest".)

Following Rojas' capture, Viktor "Volk" Khristenko became the new CEO of Fregata Industries.