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Full Name
Alejandro Burromuerto
The Arch Villain, Al, Ale-jerk-dro (by Geoff)
Total Drama series
Student of Technological University
Powers / Skills
Charming the contestants and manipulation
Charming the female contestants, especially Heather
To eliminate the other contestants and win the million dollar prize (failed/succeeded). To warn Zoey about Mal (failed/succeeded)
Type of Villain
Master Manipulator, Charismatic Villain

Alejandro Burromuerto, labeled "The Arch Villain/Mastermind", was the main antagonist of Total Drama World Tour and the secondary antagonist/anti hero of Total Drama All-Stars.

He was on "Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot" and was a competitor, mastermind and finalist in Total Drama World Tour, a contested in Total Drama All-Stars, before he was eliminated, and is one of the three newcomers of Total Drama. Alejandro, along with Sierra, made his debut in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special". In this episode, he was introduced as a contestant on Chris' new fake reality show "Total Drama Dirtbags".

In the season proper, Alejandro is a mock gentlemanly snob who immediately made out as a villain. He was at least partly responsible for the early eliminations of four of "Team Victory"'s members, causing the team to be completely wiped out by the season's halfway point. In episode 13, he has Noah voted off for not trusting him. He is the one responsible for exposing Duncan and Gwen as "cheaters" by overhearing their secret during their song and then pressuring Tyler to tell everyone else, inciting Courtney's wrath upon them. Afterwards, Alejandro actively supports Courtney's intentions for revenge and feeds into her anger while also seducing her to throw challenges for him (and for her to take down Gwen). At the same time, he works with Duncan to help further throw Courtney off, and for helping Duncan get revenge on her for everything she puts him through, and has him pretend to feel sad about her, which inadvertently makes Gwen angry, throwing her off as well and leading to her elimination. Afterwards, Alejandro continues to speak with both Duncan and Courtney about making the other feel bad and Courtney continues to stupidly, blindly support him even after she is eliminated while helping him and he openly admits that he was using her.

His rivalry and sexual tension with Heather is a main focus of the season. As the number of remaining contestants dwindles and the ones left are given more focus, it becomes the primary conflict of the show. In the final episode, Alejandro unceremoniously defeats Cody in a brutal subversion of expectations that Cody, the underdog and former hero/Heather's henchman, would win. During the final challenge set on an active volcano, Alejandro makes it to the top first and is set to win until he stops for a romantic moment with Heather admitting he was in love with her, only for her to kick him in the balls and throw him off the mountain before he either loses to Heather or accidentally wins after Heather throws his tribute into the volcano by mistake depending on the ending. One of the sad moments after he won is that he didn't get to see his prize money, unlike Heather, who won in the American and iTunes ending of TDWT in which she threw her own tribute into the volcano.

When the volcano erupts and everyone is running for their lives, Alejandro is trying to climb back up and is trampled by them and burnt in the lava flow. In the after-credits scene, the nearly-dead Alejandro is seen being encased in a robot body previously seen in the "Celebrity Manhunt" special by Chris and Chef, in a blatant parody of the ending of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The robotic Alejandro asks Chris what happened to the million dollars, and when told that it was destroyed mimics Darth Vader's infamous cry of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!".

Alejandro only appeared in episode 1 of Total Drama Revenge Of The Island, he is seen on the deck of the yacht carrying Heather in his robotic arms, with the E-meter on the happy face.

Tdas robot 174x252

Alejandro inside of the Drama Machine

Alejandro returned as a contestant in Total Drama All-Stars. in Heroes vs. Villains, he is added to the Villainous Vultures after Jo complains of the lack of a seventh team member to Chris. While still in his robot guise, he attempts to get close to Heather, who keeps telling him to back off. During the challenge, Alejandro rests on the cliff's edge while Duncan and Lightning attempt to pry Scott off a rock to take his turn. Lightning manages to get him off, but knocks Alejandro into the water. The sharks attack the robot suit, which explodes, unexpectedly freeing Alejandro, who then rises to the sun and smiles charmingly, surprising the rest of the all-stars (especially Heather). In the confessional, Alejandro states he has spent the year since Total Drama World Tour healing inside the Drama Machine, although his legs are not functioning. He then says to himself that he has to remember to thank Scott for his cowardice. Still, he manages to win for the Villainous Vultures, getting the key that unlocks the spa house, and helping his team avoid elimination.

In Evil Dread, Alejandro is often seen arguing with Heather for what she did to him two seasons ago. Although his legs have already recovered, he pretends to be still injured in order to make Heather guilty for what she did. Throughout the episode, he is often seen walking on his hands. During the challenge, he manage to charm a frustrated Gwen by saying that she is "as wise as her skin is translucent." Heather thinks that Alejandro is faking his injury, which is the actual truth. His team lost the challenge and they voted off Lightning for his miscalculation, stupidity and arrogance.

In Saving Private Leechball, Alejandro sweet talks with Gwen, hoping he can get Gwen (and Duncan) into an alliance with him before Heather and Jo does, so that way he'll be the one that Heather needs. He is often seen approving Gwen's idea with the other two. When Gwen suggest they split up, Alejandro starts arguing with Heather and Jo. He was ultimately shot by Zoey, becoming the first person to be eliminated from the challenge. His team lost again and they voted off Jo for misfiring their own soldier (Scott).

In Food Fright, Alejandro is the first member of his team to compete in the challenge and manages to complete it without puking. After taunting the Hamsters, Sam challenges Alejandro and tags in for Zoey while Alejandro does the same with Heather. He further insults Sam, causing Sam to gain a sudden adrenaline rush. Sam finishes his pancake first, but after overhearing Heather say that she thinks Alejandro couldn't do it, he gains the strength to finish. The two are neck and neck through the obstacle course, ultimately ending in them being tied at the salad spinner. Alejandro manages to hold onto Sam, but let go when a bee stung his 'sexy cheek'. However, Sam was caught cheating during the challenge, which caused his team to forfeit, which makes Alejandro's team (Villainous Vultures) win and spared from elimination.

In Moon Madness, Alejandro and Heather get in an argument which started when Alejandro was whistling through his nose and Heather was disgusted by it. Alejandro ended the argument by saying typical. During the challenge, Alejandro was creeped out by Heather's sudden change in behavior caused by the Blue Harvest Moon. While crossing the rope bridge, he manage to catch Heather, who then reveals that she was only pretending to be nice in order to mess with him. After the moon returns to normal, Heather "becomes" her usual self again, much to Alejandro's pleasure. Despite his team winning the challenge, no one is getting eliminated that night and Cameron was transferred to his team. Alejandro, along with the rest of his team (except Gwen), gives Cameron a menacing glare as he tries to greet his new team.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Alejandro and Heather formed a temporary alliance, but in reality, they were trying to get one another eliminated. While Heather was telling the other Vultures to vote for Alejandro, he found the McLean-Brand Chris Head invincibility statue that Heather tried to hide. When Heather came back to get the statue, Alejandro had already taken it, which caused Heather to accuse Chris of taking the statue due to him having cameras everywhere. During the elimination ceremony, Alejandro receives the most votes that night, but he stands up (revealing his legs were fine the whole time) and shows the invincibility statue. Since he is immune, Heather, who receives the second-most votes, is eliminated. Alejandro then taunts her before she took the Flush of Shame, finally able to get his revenge for what she did to him two seasons ago, but is simply pushed off the toilet by Heather.
Lets start dating

Now that Alejandro has exacted revenge for season three, he thinks that the two of them would be the perfect couple.

In Suckers Punched, this is the first episode that he fully walks all the time. He is the second villain to face their enemy. His brother, José, fights him. In the confessional, he explains the family code about never hitting each others face. When José starts to say negative things about Heather, Alejandro starts beating him up, and he scores one point for the Vultures. In the confessional, Alejandro tells Heather that he knows that she is watching and beckons her to call him. In the end his team wins. At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro consults with his team on who they should eliminate, agreeing for Sierra. But then the Heroic Hamsters choose to send him to exile since they see him as a major threat.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Alejandro is shown to have charmed all of the animals out of hurting him on Boney Island and returns unscathed. He is able to get a good boat in the challenge, though the engine dies out just before the finish. However, he walks to the tip of the boat and touches the bouy with his nose to come in first place in the challenge and wins invincibility and a night in the spa hotel with a contestant of his choice. He chooses no one to avoid "picking favorites" but forms an alliance with Mal after the latter asks. At the beginning of Zeek and Ye Shall Find, Alejandro enjoys his hot tub bath and talks to himself about the life he deserves and will have after winning the million dollars. But his joys are cut when Chris joins him at the hot tub and throws his towel at Alejandro's face. Leaving the host, he stumbles across the monitor room and finds a DVD called "Mal's Greatest Hits." Through the footage, Alejandro learns many misdeeds of Mal, which includes framing him for trying to get Cameron eliminated. Alejandro races to the cabin and removes the evidence from under his pillow, placing them on Mike's bed instead. He then rushes back to the hotel and watches as Mal's plans go to ruin. The next day, Alejandro joins everyone back in the monitor room to watch Chris as he explains the challenge to celebrate the 100th episode. Suddenly he and the others spot Ezekiel and yell at Chris to look out. But the host is captured and Chef yells that the new challenge is to find Chris. Alejandro states that they agree to find Chris if the winner gets immunity from elimination. Reaching the mines, he goes off on his own, rejecting Gwen as a partner. He soon comes across an entrance at a small stream, but his foot gets stuck in the rocks. Alejandro calls out for the others and asks Gwen if she still wanted to be partners, but to no avail. Eventually, he pulls out his foot from his stuck boot and enters the cave. Inside, Alejandro finds Cameron in a hole and offers to pull him up. But when Cameron refuses because he only trusts Zoey and Mike, he implies that Mike is not who he appears to be and leaves Cameron. Suddenly, Alejandro is captured by Ezekiel and is locked up with the other trapped contestants. They are then attacked by Ezekiel, who throws fudge at them. When Mal is captured and Courtney states that it's all up to Gwen and Cameron, Alejandro replies that the last time he saw Cameron will be the very last time. Mal then accuses him for leaving Cameron hanging, but Alejandro notes that he never said "hanging," making him suspicious about Mal. Eventually, he and the others are freed after Gwen defeats Ezekiel. At the bonfire, Alejandro is sent to Boney Island by Gwen, and he laments about losing his boot and going to exile in one day. In The Obsta-Kill Course, Alejandro comes back from Boney Island attempting to tell the other contestants the truth about Mal. He first tries to warn Gwen while going across the tires, but is stopped when Mike throws a tire at him. While dodging leechballs from Chef, Alejandro tries to warn Zoey about Mal but she refuses to believe him due to his reputation from Total Drama World Tour and her great trust in Mike, though Zoey did become suspicious that Alejandro called Mike, "Mal". In the final stage the contestants must zipline from one side of the canyon to the other and Alejandro is in the lead with Mike and Zoey not far behind. Mike knew that all he would have to do is stop Alejandro from getting invisibility because he already had the other four on his side. So he jumped from his line to grab Alejandro and caused them both to fall into the water. Zoey won invincibility. At the elimination ceremony, Alejandro voted for Mike, but everyone else voted for Alejandro which caused his elimination & defeat. As he was flushed, he attempted to warn Zoey about Mal, but he didn't get his words out on time.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, Zoey keeps mentioning Alejandro's name about that "The truth is in the art". Which she didn't have a clue to what he meant. She tried to find out who is the greater evil for the whole episode, During so, Zoey mocks Alejandro in a confession room.

In The Bold and the Booty-ful it was revealed that Alejandro hid the DVD Footage of Mal in a portrait of Chris McLean smiling which Zoey finds behind it. Zoey then takes to the Camera room to watch and watches in horror what Mal did to Cameron, Duncan and several others, including Alejandro himself as well. Zoey was shocked to learn that Alejandro's words were, (along with Duncan's earlier warnings) proven to be true, about Mike/Mal.

n The Final Wreck-ening, Alejandro is seen in a balloon. Mal then pops his balloon as well with Heather as they are now frock to help Mal. The two don't seem to care however as it is seen that they are dating, scaring Chris. The two confess their love in the Confessional booth and begin to make out. When they go to help Mal get past all the toxic waste Al notices a stick that is unbreakable, meanwhile Mal tries to throw Heather into the waste. Alejandro stopped him by giving him the stick. Alejandro and Heather then cross on a boat and they land and start making out again. When Chris says that anyone can win they start fighting again, by this point, he and Heather become the secondary antagonists of this episode, stopping Gwen and Cameron from helping Zoey and Mike. Alejandro is then given Fang and he quickly swims away from him. After the island sinks, Alejandro and Heather pops up as she is mad that they didn't win anything, Though Alejandro does tell her that they are still together and that is the most important part of their gifts, which she reluctantly agrees to his word. They are then chased and swims away.


  • Courtney (only in Total Drama World Tour)
  • Heather (love interest)
  • Lindsay
  • Scott
  • Tyler (one-sided on Tyler's side)


  • Bridgette
  • Cameron
  • Chef Hatchet
  • Chris Mclean
  • Cody
  • Courtney (only in Total Drama All Stars)
  • DJ
  • Duncan
  • Ezekiel
  • Fang
  • Geoff
  • Gwen
  • Harold
  • Heather (sometimes when it comes to rivalry issues)
  • Jo
  • José (older brother)
  • Leshawna
  • Lightning
  • Mike
  • Noah
  • Owen
  • Sam
  • Sierra
  • Zoey (though he did try to warn and protect her from Mal).


  • As Mal translated, Alejandro's surname "Burromuerto" means "Dead donkey".
  • The name Alejandro means Protector of Humanity, which is completely ironic as Alejandro is a selfish, dishonest, and snobbish manipulator.
  • Alejandro caused the second-highest amount of eliminations (with 13), he is only outranked by Heather.
    • He eliminated Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Gwen (unintentionally), Owen, Courtney, Blaineley, Duncan (Second time), Cody and Heather (Only in his ending in TDWT, and the only elimination he caused in TDAS).
    • Every male (except Ezekiel) was eliminated because of him.
    • The only ones he did not eliminate were Ezekiel, Lindsay, Izzy and Sierra,
  • Despite the fact that Alejandro is a villain and Trent is a hero, his appearance is similar to Trent's.
  • Alejandro was claimed as the main antagonist in Total Drama All-Stars, However, he eventually became an anti hero and then redeemed as a supporting protagonist when he tried to stop the true main villain later on.

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