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Aleda was a minor demoness from the original Devilman. She worked with Jinmen  and a unnamed Tunnel Demon kidnapping people and eating them.



Aleda was in a plot alongside the sadistic turtle demon Jinmen and a gigantic tunnel demon, kidnapping people on subway trains as they are devoured by the tunnel demon, where Aleda and Jinmen would then set upon them and either kill or eat them.

One of these trains was the 16:10 Shinkansen which was carrying the young girl Sachiko, After she notices that they had traveled into the tunnel demon, Jinmen comes through and reveals himself, the frightened passengers run back to the back of the train running into Aleda, they try to get past but she throws off her coat revealing her true demonic form.

Devilman Lady:

Aleda briefly returns in the manga Devilman Lady. After having met with Jun Fudo, Akira has a flashback to all the various demons that he had fought over the years, among the demons was Aleda, meaning Akira met her at some point off panel.