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Alec Meredith

Alec Meredith

Alec Meredith
was a very naughty boy who lived with his brother Lee Meredith, and a character in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. He frequently complained about how he had to obey rules.


One night, he encountered the Grundel. The Grundel was able to manipulate Alec into doing bad things and to start gradually turning into another Grundel. He stole, sabotaged the Ghostbusters' Proton Packs during a school rally, picked fights all day, stole comic books, and kicked a cat owned by Agatha Faversham.

The Grundel decided to was time to recruit Lee as well. He had Alec lure Lee to a factory. Eventually, the Ghostbusters managed to convince Alec to betray the Grundel and save his brother. The rejection caused Alec to revert to his normal form and enabled the Ghostbusters to capture the Grundel.

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