Tim Gates: "you don't fuck with another man's home"

Aldon: "I was about to say the same to you, Mr. Gates"

Aldon Webber is the mentally unstable antagonist of the 2013 horror movie, Crawlspace - he suffers from severe mental illness brought on by the death of his children and instead of seeking help he instead became a recluse, hiding away in his own attic.. when his home is sold to a new family it sparks a full-blown descent into murderous psychosis and he begins to methodically stalk and murder those that get in his way.


Aldon Webber was once a family man with a loving wife and two children, then one day tragedy struck as his children drown in the garden swimming pool - this broke him and his wife : matters were made worse when Tim Gates forced the Webber family out of their home due to his own desire for a "dream" home.

This caused a psychological breakdown in Aldon and he snuck into the attic, where he squatted even as the Gates family moved in - observing them and sneaking down every now and then for food and to try and steal possessions, as time progressed his sanity rapidly dropped and he became more daring and psychotic in his activities, terrorizing the Gates by turning appliances on and off, messing with alarms and taking pictures of them while they slept.

When an elderly neighbor spotted Aldon in the gargage she warned the Gates but Aldon oversaw the transaction and left the house, breaking into the old woman's home and murdering her using her own vacuum cleaner before returning to the attic.



  • Elderly Neighbor (killed via having a vacuum hose stuffed down her mouth and reversed, sending its contents down her throat and choking her) (reason: to stop her informing the family further of his presence in their home)
  • Taylor's babysitter (killed by having her neck sliced via her car window) (reason: she neglected Taylor to have sex, during which Taylor almost shot himself with a paint-gun)
  • his own Ex-Wife (killed via garbage disposal blades) (reason: she learned of him squatting and his unstable health)
  • Chuck the Exterminator (stranged via christmas lights) (reason: his presence jeopardized Aldon and he was left with little option but to silence him)
  • Derek (killed via ramming a curling iron through his mouth) (reason: full-blown psychosis had kicked in and he began his final rampage against the Gates)