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~ - Aldar (his reaction when Superman saved a victim from having his spine broken)
Aldar Smallville 001
Aldar was a villain from Smallville, a humanoid alien from the Phantom Zone who fed on human bone marrow, regularly breaking the backs of humans so as to rip out their spines: he was predatory and saw humans as simply another source of food.

After Clark accidentally opened the gateway to the Phantom Zone Aldar escaped his imprisonment and landed in Seattle, Washington, and started consuming an entire crew of a ship docked at the harbor. He would rip open the flesh of the victims, tear out all the bones and suck out the bone marrow.

He was later encountered by Clark who, at first, seemed to match him in strength.

Aldar ultimately managed to throw Clark into the upper regions of a crane, generating tremendous momentum, and then disappeared quickly; this could mean that Aldar was also able to run at superhuman speeds, but it was not shown on screen.

Shortly later, he was killed by someone with great powers, later revealed to be the Martian Manhunter.


  • Alder is protrayed by Dave Bautista, AKA Batista

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