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Aldan was a henchmen of Queen Ravenna and her brother Finn. He was sent to find Snow White and kill her.

He was portrayed by Joey Ansah.

He was leading the queen guardsd brother on the order of the queen, just to find Snow White and kill her with the dwarfs, when he arrive throw the forest he the footstep leading in the forest, show he lead the guards in the forest where they found Snow White The Dwarfs and the Huntsman with a white stag, he kill the white stag and make the group run away.

But he followed them by shooting arrows at them tried to kill them all, but he was hit by one of the dwarf hatchet who run find the others, when he finally arrived across them to shot a arrow on Snow White one of The dwarfs protected her and was shot by the arrow and died, Aldan was killed by a arrow one of The Dwarfs shot at him, the group run from the queen brother and the guards and left Aldan for dead.

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