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Alchemist is an alternate-reality Doctor Octopus found in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, based on the popular Marvel comic of the same name (and its related "Spider-Verse") - he is native to a medieval world and would force the villagers to pay him in exchange for protection from a "monster" named the Kraken.

In reality the Kraken was a robot created by Alchemist using steam-tech style weaponry that made everyone in the medieval setting believe it was a real monster - yet when the mainstream Spider-Man arrived he was able to figure out the truth as he saw the world through science rather than medieval superstition.

In the end Alchemist is captured by Spider-Man and ends up in the stockades where villagers pelt him with rotten fruit in revenge for his extortion, it is assumed he would remain there for some time (given the nature of medieval justice).

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