Alchemax, also known as Alchemax Corporation, is a futuristic mega-corporation run by corrupt board members and served as a villainous organization for the heroes of the 2099 universe to fight.

Marvel 2099


Main Marvel Universe

The company was created after Liz Allan's company "Allan Chemical" was merged with her son's Normie's stocks from OsCorp and the last remaining properties of Horizon Labs after its destruction, establishing it under the new name of "Alchemax".

It was later revealed that Norman Osborn, under the guise of "Mason Banks," created the corporation in order to leave a strong empire for his grandson and establish an empire for the Osborn legacy.

Following his defeat, Osborn was able to escape custody by Liz "accidentally" activating a Spider-Sense Jammed, prompting Spider-Man to keep tabs on them. Also, Spider-Man (Michael O'Mara), Ty Stone's future grandson from a timeline were Alchemax controlled society, started working undercover in Alchemax.

Video game appearance

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors

Alchemax was seen in the "Web Warriors" version of 2099. It is unknown if Miguel still works for it, but likely might.