The Albertosaurus (or Mountain Sharptooth) is the main antagonist in The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze.


Although the main villain, his role in the film is small. He was first seen at the beginning taking a nap only to be waken up by a coelophysis. He wakes up and notices the creature on his snout and scares it. He chases the dinosaur up a tree and walks off. Then he notices a camptosaurus by a pond which he attempted to kill and eat it, but the camptosaurus swims off. He tries to swim after but ended up slipping and almost drowned.

After a long absence in the film, he ran towards Ducky and attacked her. But Ducky dodged his attack and ran from it. Then Mr. Thicknose and the other kids notice Ducky running towards them in fear. They then realize that she was running from the Albertosaurus which followed her. Mr. Thicknose tries to hold him back but gets scared by him and runs away from him. Then Petrie starts throwing snowballs at him. Then Littlefoot makes a giant snowball and rolls it at him which causes him to slam his head against a rock formation and gets knocked out.

After another absence, he is shown climbing a mountain after the film's protagonists. Then he starts to chase after Cera and Littlefoot. Mr. Thicknose, who bolted ahead them in fear, gets an idea to defeat him. He pushes the trunk of a dead tree down the mountain which carries him off the edge and makes him fall to his death.


  • It is sometimes thought to be a Tyrannosaurus due to it looking less like a real Albertosaurus.
  • It's defeat was similar to the Tyrannosaurus from the first film since both got something dropped on them causing them to fall to their deaths.
  • The Gray Sharptooth from The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration does bear a close resemblance to the Mountain Sharptooth.
    • The sharptooth that was seen in the beginning of The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave also bears a close resemblance to the Mountain Sharptooth.