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We're getting out out of the Weapon's Business, I promise, I'll make him do it!
~ Alberto Falcone while being tortured by the Penguin

Alberto Falcone is a minor antagonist of Batman: Arkham Origins.



Alberto Falcone is the Black Sheep of the well-known Falcone crime family; medical records indicate a history of mental instability. Extent of his involvement in the family's alleged criminal activities is unknown. Hugo Strange also suggested that Alberto suffered from dissociative idenitity disorder and the department psychologist has issued mental health warnings: it's only a matter of time before he snaps.

Tortured by Penguin

Aboard Penguin's ship in New Gotham, The Final Offer. He was tortured by the Penguin who wants Alberto to convince his father, Carmine Falcone , in giving up the weapons business. However, Batman interrupts the torturing of Falcone, attacking Penguin brutally. As Batman was questioning Cobblepot about Black Mask; he was dragged out the room by Deathstroke . Alberto then probably escaped from Penguin while Batman was fighting Slade.

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