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Albert Spica

Albert Spica, with his wife, Georgina.

Albert Spica is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the romance / crime film, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

He is a sadistic, violent gangster portrayed by Sir Michael Gambon.

Character Biography

Albert Spica is also pretencious when it comes to good food and high class - despite being an ill-educated, vulgar oaf.

He has taken over a high-class restaurant called Le Hollandais (which is owned by a French chef called Richard Borst) - and thoroughout the movie, Albert does nothing but abuse everybody around him (even abusing his wife in public). He and his thugs (and his long-suffering wife - Georgina) frequent the restaurant nightly.

Later, after discovering that his wife has been having an affair with a book-shop keeper (right under his nose), Albert violently stabs a woman in the face with a fork - before then going on a rampage throughout the restaurant, looking for Georgina. In his rage, he vows that he will kill her lover and eat him.

Determined to find his wife and her lover, Albert and his gang find the boy soprano whom Borst employs at his restaurant (and whom Borst has sent, to send food to Georgina and Michael - her lover - whilst they are on the run) - and Albert and Mitchel (one of Albert's goons, who is even more dim-witted than he is) torture the boy for information. Disgusted by their actions, the other members of Albert's gang turn on him - as Albert actually force-feeds the boy buttons off his shirt, and threatens to feed him his own belly-button. After the boy faints with fright, Albert finds the book-store where Georgina and Michael are, written down in a book the boy is carrying.

They then storm the book-shop and torture Michael to death, actually force-feeding him pages from the books he keeps. Devestated by her loss, Georgina eventually persuades Borst to cook Michael for her - and feed it to Albert.

Accompanied by everyone Albert has wronged, Georgina confronts him and forces him to eat Michael - and, after he eats a piece of him (gagging, as he does so), he is shot in the head, by Georgina.

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