This land is ours. We lived here long before the apes
~ Alaya

Alaya was twin sisters with Restac whom she shared her hatred of humans with, a Silurian warrior and an antagonist in the Doctor Who episodes The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood.

She is played by Neve McIntosh who also played Restac and Madam Vastra, an ally of the Doctor.

Alaya was a female Silurian warrior of an underground city underneath the Welsh city of Cwmtuff in the year 2020. She came to the surface and would take people hostage such as the Doctor's companion Amy Pond, Mo Northover and his son Elliot. The Doctor sprayed her with a fire extinguisher and his other companion and Amy's fiancé Rory Williams bundled her into a Meals on Wheels van.

She was chained up in the crypt of the town's church where she rejected the Doctor's attempts for a truce between Humans and Silurians and after the Doctor left with geologist Nasreen Chaudhry, Alaya said to the remaining group that one of them would kill her and she knew who but wouldn't say.

Later she stung Tony Mack with her poisonous tongue but it didn't kill him as she expected (instead it was turning him into a Silurian). Tony's daughter Ambrose demanded that Alaya provided her with a cure for her father but Alaya refused. This caused Ambrose to shoot Alaya with a taser killing her, her last words were that she knew it would be Ambrose who would kill her as she has the most to lose.

Alaya's death almost caused a war between Silurians and Humans.