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Alan Yates' Crew are the deuteragonists/secondary antagonists of Cannibal Holocaust (with Yates serving as the main) - they also happen to be Alan's friends and aid in his psychopathic "hobby" of touring the world and deliberately creating atrocities so as to obtain footage for "documentaries".

Spurred by a combination of racism, arrogance and Yates' own bloodlust, the crew decided to try and provoke a tribe of cannibals in a remote jungle - hoping to profit off the misery they caused, instead the plan backfires horrifically on them and they are massacred by the tribe in revenge for numerous acts of war they put on said tribe (such as burning one of their villages alive and raping one of their women (who was killed by the tribe due to a loss of "honor")).


Alan Yates (leader)

see the main article on Alan Yates for detailed information - (the main antagonist of the film and one of the more openly psychopathic)

Alan Yates would be the last of the crew to die, apparently from an axe to the head (or possible blunt force) - he was presumably mutilated shortly after death and cannibalized by the tribe, who took his camera and put it in a secluded part of their village, believing it to be an evil item (due to it playing a role in many of the massacres).

Faye Daniels (accomplice)

Alan Yates girlfriend and sole female of the group, she is often seen as the least psychopathic of the group but did not do much to stop the atrocities of her insane boyfriend or the other men: in fact she seemed to object more to them "wasting tape" than raping a native woman in front of her, she also willingly profited of atrocities such as burning women and children alive in huts : simply ignoring their pain.

Faye would ultimately be gang-raped by the tribesmen and torn apart before being cannibalized as part of a "purifying" ritual by the tribe she had helped massacre.

Jack Anders (camera man)

Jack was one of Alan's camera men and committed numerous atrocities with the group, most notable was when he shot one of the tribal men in the leg to follow him to the village, which the crew then proceeded to butcher : not content with this Alan and his crew later found a local woman and Jack happily gang-raped her with a gleeful Alan, for no reason other than "fun".

Jack would meet a somewhat fitting end in that when being chased by the same tribe he massacred Alan shot him in the leg, betraying Jack so as to film the tribe mutilating and eating his body.

Mark Tomaso (second camera man)

Mark was Alan's second camera man and much like Jack was an aid in the massacre of natives as well as deliberate defilement of the jungle for personal enjoyment : he mostly stuck to filming but did several villainous acts in the film such as burning a village and forcing women and children to remain in the burning huts, filming their deaths.

He also happily engaged in a gang-rape of a local woman under the "invitation" of Alan and Jack, Alan thinking it was all "fun" and even going as far as play-fighting with an enraged Faye (who objected to "wasting film").

Mark would remain at Alan's side during the native's revolt and convinced a scared Alan to continue filming even as Faye was raped and mutilated by the tribe - yet much like Alan his desire for bloodlust was his end and he was tracked down and killed by the tribe, who proceeded to eat his remains before finally clubbing Alan to death, ending the crew once and for all.

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