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I'm about to pull the plug on your Subject 17. So either get me results or get another person in that Animus
~ Rikkin to Warren Vidic
Alan Rikkin is the current Chief Executive Officer of Abstergo Industries and a member of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order. Rikkin serves as the main antagonist of the present day storyline in the 2007 video-game Assassin's Creed (along with Warren Vidic), and a minor and unseen, albeit Bigger Bad antagonist in later games in the series.

He appears in the Assassin's Creed live-action movie, portrayed by Jeremy Irons, who voiced Scar in The Lion King, The Shapeshifter in Faeries, Simon Gruber in the Die Hard with a Vengeance, Randall Bragg in Appaloosa and portrayed Profion in the live-action Dungeons and Dragons movie.


Alan Rikkin became the CEO of Abstergo Industries in January 2012, following the demise of his unnamed predecessor.

Subject 17

He oversaw the Animus Project supervised by Dr. Warren Vidic and Lucy Stillman, reviewing the data obtained from Subjects 12-16. By the start of Assassin's Creed, he was becoming frustrated that it was taking a few days for Desmond Miles – Subject 17 – to synchronise with the memory they needed to map the locations of the Pieces of Eden, one of which would replace the Apple needed to power the Eye-Abstergo satellite. Desmond was able to review e-mails between Warren Vidic and Rikkin, as Rikkin seemed to be losing patience with Vidic over his supposed inability to carry out their plan with Eye-Abstergo. This

plan, however, was jeopardised by Desmond Miles escaping the Abstergo facility in Rome with help from Lucy at the start of Assassin's Creed II.

Putting Eye-Abstergo on hold

By Assassin's Creed III, following Desmond's attack on the Rome facility on December 2012 to rescue the captured William Miles (which resulted in Desmond killing Daniel Cross and Vidic), the lack of an Apple of Eden forced Rikkin to put Eye-Abstergo on hold indefinitely.

He was also credited in the credits of the Liberation video-game made by Abstergo Entertainment as the CEO of the company.

Assassin's Creed (film)

Alan Rikkin serves as the main antagonist of the 2016 film adaption of Assassin's Creed. In 2016

During the film Alan Rikkin is a Templar and director of Abstergo which eliminates the Assassins and captures the descendants of these, his mission is to use the Animus to find the specific location of the Fruit of the Eden by which he orders to capture Callum Lynch The direct descendant of Aguilar, the last person to have the Fruit of Eden, during the trials supervised him as Callum Progressed and pressed him to obtain it, later revealed that he works with the Order of the Templars to find the fruit Of the eden and use them for the new world order, finally Callum gives with the location of the fruit of the eden and the descendants of the assassins join with Callum to finish them after a deception towards the members of Abstergo, Rikkin climbs to a helicopter to escape of the building And go for the fruit of the Eden which later finds, With the fruit of the Eden in his power, Alan Rikkin attends an Event in the Center of the Templars to present it to them and begin their plans together with the Order, Did not realize that Callum was in the place and his killed by Callum during the presentation cutting her neck, later Sofia Rikkin arrives and exclaims that it finish what she began and ended with Callum Lynch putting seal to its revenge towards the Assassins Creed


  • As shown in e-mails accessible in the original Assassin's Creed game, Alan doesn't seem to have a lot of respect for Warren Vidic or Lucy Stillman, showing signs of being impatient towards them both. In other such e-mails that can be found on the Abstergo Industries website (made by Ubisoft, the creators of Assassin's Creed), Rikkin showed that he didn't know certain historical facts, believing Guy Fawkes to have been involved in the French Revolution; when corrected, he claimed "Don't contradict my dates like that again. We are making history here, the past is largely irrelevant."
  • The production team behind the Assassin's Creed movie posted a picture of Alan Rikkin's business card on Twitter. If one should call the numbers on the card, a voice message from Jeremy Irons as Rikkin can be heard.

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