Alan Gabriel is one of the main villains from the anime and manga series The Big O.

He is an eccentric psychopath, a cyborg who takes Angel's place as Rosewater's assistant and the Union's liaison in season two.
Gabriel's real agenda is somewhat nebulous, though it would appear that he is straddling the fence between the Union and Rosewater, depending on who will give him the opportunity to kill the most people.

He seems to have a particularly gruesome hobby of dismantling androids while they still function, as he claims to despise androids, despite being half-mechanical by choice. After attempting to kill Dorothy and sebsequently being foiled by Roger, Alan seems to make killing Roger his top priority. In the end, he is done in by the megadeus Big Duo Inferno, as it seems to reject him as its pilot while displaying the message "Ye Guilty".