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Alan Bradley was a villain in the British Soap Opera Coronation Street, appearing from January 1986 to December 1989. He is probably the first major villain in the series as he was a regular character for 3 years. This style would follow on to other antagonists such as Tony Gordon, Tracy Barlow, John Stape, Kirsty Soames, Karl Munro and Rob Donovan.

Alan was played by Mark Eden, who is currently married to Sue Nicolas who plays Audrey Roberts in the show.

Alan made his first appearance when his wife was killed in a car accident. Due to him being away working, his daughter Jenny is temporarily fostered by Rita Fairclough, who Alan had began a relationship with. He also began a relationship with Rovers Return barmaid Gloria, however dropped her as he was interested in Rita's assets.

Alan later borrowed the deeds to Rita's house, and posed her late husband Len Fairclough in order to get a mortgage to pay for his burglar alarm business. When Rita had discovered his deception and planned to inform the police, Alan beat Rita and nearly killed her. He made a getaway, however was arrested by police and locked up until his trial. Although guilty, Alan was released as he had already served several months in prison. Alan began a campaign of harassment towards Rita, and even took a job across the road from her, working on a building site for new houses.

When Rita had disappeared, Alan was suspected of murdering her and the building site turned into a crime scene as it was believed Alan buried her there. Because of the trouble he caused Alan was sacked, which had enraged him. Discovering Rita was in Blackpool, he traveled there on intent of bringing her back to Weatherfield to prove his innocence. At this point Rita had been tipped over the edge, and blocked out the past few years of her life. As she made a getaway from Alan, he chased her down and ended up running in front of a tram and was killed instantly.

Even in death, Alan had still haunted Rita for years to come and she even sold up her house to get away from the memory.

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