Alad V is a Corpus villain from the Sci-Fi Third Person Shooter Warframe. He is located in the Corpus Gas Cities of Jupiter. 

A member of the Corpus, a race of humanoid businessman who controls the system's Solar Rails and believes that the war in the system must be capitalized upon.

His latest business venture is the "Zanuka Program" wherein he rips Tenno apart and reconstructs them into a quadrupedal battle robot. (Called Proxies in-game.) 

During the Breeding Grounds event, it is revealed that he has been infected by the Technocyte Plague, causing him to go mad and start infecting Corpus ships with the virus, killing the entire crew and turning the ship into a hive for the infestation.

He later appeared in the Mutalist Incursion event. Having been fully assimilated by the virus, he created four new strains of the infestation, as well as infecting the original Mesa Warframe with the virus.