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There are two essential ingredients needed to earn loyalty of your students. Affection and fear
~ Akira Takaoka

What naughty children...trying to sneak up on dear old dad, you disappoint me I thought I raised you better then that. I know some boys and girls that are going to have to go to summer school.
~ Akira Takaoka, to the Class 3-E students

That's it... That's the way...
~ Takaoka before his second fight with Nagisa, after he blows up the antidote used to cure the students

Akira Takaoka is a trained soldier who was an early antagonist in the manga series Assassination Classroom and the main antagonist of the first season of its anime adaptation.


He first appeared as a P.E. teacher for Class 3-E and appears to be a nice person, giving the students food, drink, and even sweets. However, he is later revealed to be abusive and dangerous and gives Class 3-E a strict and harsh schedule with no chance of studying. Karasuma, having enough of Takaoka's ways, has Nagisa fight him, and Nagisa defeats him. He tried to force Nagisa to fight him again, but when Nagisa politely refused, the enraged teacher charges at the student until Karasuma knocks him down. The chairman, Gakuho Asano, was disgusted of Akira's methods and fired him.


Takaoka's new,scarred appearance.

He later returns as the true mastermind of the Island arc, when he poisons half of the class using a lethal self-engineered virus. The remaining students sneak their way into his hotel, where they gradually defeat several of his guards and the three professional assassins he had hired.

Upon arriving at the room where Takaoka is hiding in, Takaoka reveals himself to the class, and he forces the class to follow him to the roof and onto the heliport, where he challenges Nagisa to another one-on-one duel. Before they fight, however, he blows up the stairs to prevent the rest of the class from following, and he forces Nagisa to apologize. Despite this, he blows up the antidote used to cure the students while laughing insanely, enraging Nagisa and Nagisa vowing to kill Takaoka. Nagisa and Takaoka then fight, and while Takaoka initally gains the upper hand, Nagisa uses his new technique to take Takaoka down, and it was later revealed that his hired assassins gave the students a fake poison when he revealed that he had no intention of curing the students at all. Takoka was later arrested and interrogated by the military.