Akira Kimura

Akira Kimura

Akira Kimura is one of the many villains in the Grimm TV series and he was one of four Schakals who organized the deaths of Kelly (although she secretly survived) and Read Burkhardt (Nick's parents) to try and get hold of the Coins of Zakynthos. He did this along with Soledad Marquesa.

He was portrayed by Brian Tee.


In the present day, he became a operative for the Dragons Tongue. He hunted the location of the Coins down to Portland, and through the help of a corrupt cop learned about Nick Burkhart. He then killed the cop to cover his tracks. He broke into Renards home, killed his cleaning lady and interogated Renard trying to force him to reveal the location of them, unaware Renard didn't know. He was forced to run, when the police arrived at Renard's home.

He then broke into Nick's home, beliving the keys to be there. Nick confronted him with his crossbow, having the dart laced with a sleeping potion he planned to interogate him about why he killed his parents, but Kimura's enhanced reflexes allowed him to dodge the dart. He and Nick fought, Kirmura was highly trained and superhumanly strong, Nick's Grimm powers gave him an edge, and he managed to knock Kirmura around. Smashing him into his living room, suddenly Kelly Burkhardt bursted in and stapped him with a tranqualiser dart.

Kirmura was arrested by the police, but fearing he may tell Nick something important, Renard had him poisoned.