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Akio Othori (Japanese: 鳳 暁生 Ōtori Akio) is the main antagonist of the "Revolutionary Girl Utena" manga and anime. He is the chairman of the Ohtori Acedemy. The brother of the Rose Bride Anthy, Akio was once the godlike 'Dios' who gave up his divine nature for human pleasures. The punishment that was meant for him, he past on to his sister. 

Akio is a sensual seducer who values control and dominance, over all else. He engages in an incestious relationship with Anthy and will cross any moral boundry to keep power of her and others. His name is derived of the Japanese word; "Morning Star", which he himself identifies with the Fallen Angel, Lucifer, or the Devil. 

Akio is a skilled swordsman and psychological threat. 


Akio with his sabre

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