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is a villain first appearing in Batman and the Outsiders Vol.1 17.


It is believed that Akh-Ton was a Priest (some sources call him a Pharaoh which is not possible) during the 19th Dynasty Egypt, circa 1260 B.C. From a strange meteor he crafted the Orb of Ra, an extremely powerful object with possible godly connections. Exposure to the Orb transformed Ahk-Ton to the first 'metamorph', a creature with complete control over the elements in his body.

Powers and Abilities

Akh-ton has the power to transform his body, in whole or in part, into any element or compound found in the normal human body. This allows Akh-ton to re-shape parts of his body, turn his body into liquids or gasses, and reconstitute himself when the need arises.

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