Akeel Min Riah

Commander Akeel Min Riah is the secondary antagonist from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Riah is a sleeper operative & second-in-command for the Settlement Defense Front. He was the one responsible for turning the AATIS guns against the UNSA Fleet during the Fleet Week parade, destroying most of it with the acception of the ships Retribution and Tigris. Before he could destroy the AATIS Tower, which would incinerate his transponder and allow the Olympus Mons to invade immediately, he was taken into custody.

Later, STRATCOM, under suggestion from Commander Nick Reyes, approved to have the transponder removed from Riah. However, Riah escapes and rips the transponder from his body, and dies of blood loss, causing Admiral Salen Kotch the Olympus Mons to invade and destroy UNSA HQ.