Akaoni (Brute in the English dub Glitter Force) is the secondary antagonist from Smile Pretty Cure!. Together with Wolfrun and Majorina, are the three commanders of Bad End Kingdom. His appearance is based on red ogres in Japanese folklore.


Akaoni resembles a typical red ogre from Japanese folktales, with red skin, horns, fangs, and pointed ears. He is dressed in coarse brown cloth and tigerskin with leather belts. In terms of size, he is the largest of the 3 Bad End Kingdom commanders, towering over the Pretty Cure. He gets annoyed at Peace for constantly changing her hand signs (to which he constantly loses) during her motto.

Powers and Abilities

Akaoni can use his metal staff to create strong gusts of wind. It is as yet unknown whether he uses it in physical combat as well.

Using a piece of the Black Paint of Darkness, Akaoni can darken a blank page of his Picture Book of Darkness (symbolizes the brand new future). This changes the world into a Bad End alternate reality with a red sky and dark red clouds, causing people to lose their will to live and emit Bad Energy. Akaoni collects this Bad Energy in hopes of reviving the Evil King Pierrot.

He can also create Akanbe monsters using the Red Noses, which contain a Cure Decor piece within.



  • Akaoni literally means "red ogre".
  • He is shown to have a fondness for freshly-cleaned pants, and hates getting them dirty.
  • The Bad End alternate reality Akaoni creates has a red sky.
  • Akaoni's voice actor provided the voice of Binky the Clown in the Japanese dub of the animated TV show "Garfield and Friends". Ironically, the Akanbe monsters resemble clowns.
  • He seems to love the beach and great at surfing shown in Episode 25.