Ak is a Monoclonius who became a carnivore and the main antagonist in Dingo Pictures' mockbuster Dinosaur Adventure. He tricks Tio and his friends that his parents became carnivores. He is Faa's uncle.


It seems that Ak was once Oro's pupils just like Tio's mother. But unlike her, he didn't really learn anything which from school and ended up becoming a lawful evil dimwit who started to bully and trick the dinosaurs. Also after the Volcano Interruption, Ak organized a Meat Eater group to survive the desert-like wasteland. But when he meet up with Tio and his friends again, he became forced by Oro to tell what Tio's parents had gone to the west. And later be betrayed by his niece and Peek that joined the heroes' journey. After that, no one has ever heard about Ak and his Meat Eaters again.


  • It's biologically impossible that Ak is the uncle of Faa because he is a Ceratopsian while she is an Otter.
  • Ak seems to have been voiced by the woman due to the way his voice sounds.