Francis Fanny, known as Ajax, is an enemy of Deadpool.


He was an enforcer working for Doctor Killebrew at the Weapon X Project. Killebrew modified him by removing his nerves for pain management, and installing hypodermic implants for enhanced speed, strength and agility. Deadpool eventually killed Francis by snapping his neck.

However,when the cosmic entity of Death disappeared, he was brought back to life. He proceeded to track Deadpool down and found him in Thanos' Sanctuary as Thanos had teamed up with Deadpool to find Death.

Movie appearance

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Ajax appears as the main antagonist in the 2016 movie Deadpool. Here he is known as Francis Freeman and is the leader of the Weapon X project, selling the heroes he creates as slaves. After creating Deadpool, Deadpool wants revenge on Ajax and tries to track him down to force him to reverse the procedure that disfigured him. Deadpool eventually kills Ajax after a battle on a scrapyard.

He was portrayed by Ed Skrein.