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~ Airfield Princess

Airfield Princess (Airfield Hime in Japanese) is a major Hime-class from Abyssal Fleet in Kantai Collection and one of the main antagonists in Kancolle.

She is the boss for the fourth map of the Fall 2013 event. She represents Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, which was defended by the US Marines under General Alexander Vandegrift. She also returns as the boss of E-4 for the Summer 2015 event.


Unlike Abyssals Destroyers and Light Cruisers; Aircraft Carrier Princess (and many other humanoids Abyssals), she was a human (Ship-girl) in her past. At one point of her history, she was sunk and died. Years later (months or even days), she was reborn as an Abyssal Ship like all Ship-girls who were killed (sunken). The "creature" that is creating and commanding the Abyssal Fleet; the same being who created Aircraft Carrier Princess, is unknown. The Ship-girl she was in the past is unknown.



She has very long white hair, orange eyes, and small horns. She wears a white leotard and has two rows of two spikes each along her lower back. She also wears white ankle boots with two spikes underneath them. Her right arm seems to be either a mechanical arm or wearing a gauntlet with claws.

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  • Type 3 Shell deals more damage to her. This is a reference to the bombardment of Henderson Field by Kongou and Haruna, where Kongou fired over 100 Sanshiki-dan at the airfield.
  • Due to her being an airfield, torpedoes won't reach her.

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