Air Man is one of the eight robot masters and bosses in the video game Mega Man 2. He was designed by Dr. Wily for combat. His design was unusual, yet intimidating, as he had his face built on his torso rather than on a head. This design would be used for other Robot Masters later in the series. Using the propeller in his torso, he can generate powerful winds, which he generally use to push or pull his opponent towards him. He can also use his Special Weapon the Air Shooter, which allows him to shoot tornadoes out of his torso. Air Man is a egotist. He likes to talk about himself for a long period of time, which usually bore his friends. His hobby includes Wind Surfing and playing the Japanese card game Menko (which he is rather skilled at). He have a dislike for autumn because the falling leafs clogs up his propeller.

Air Man is usually considered as one of the hardest bosses in the series. In his fight, he creates 6 tornadoes and shoots them at Mega Man's direction, all while using is propeller to push him back. He will jump to the other side of the stage after doing this process 3 times and repeat it again. Air Man's weakness is the Leaf Shield, but careful timing is required because if the Leaf Shield hits a tornadoes, it will stop. Defeating Air Man grants Mega Man the Air Shooter, as well as Item-2