Ocean Hunter Ahuizotl
Now, go above the water!
~ In-game dialogue, representing Torel and Chris escaping from Ahuizotl.

Ahuizotl (Elasmosaurus platyurus) is a gigantic Elasmosaurus (as the scientific names suggests) which lurks in the ancient ruins of the South American lake. This hideous sea monster was notable for raiding two towns, killing eighteen people, and devouring two of them.

It is the fourth boss in the 1998 arcade game The Ocean Hunter.


Ahuizotl Poster

Ahuizotl is very notorious against raiding two towns and murdering at least twenty individuals. It is known for causing massive destruction across border between Peru and Argentina. It did not want anyone to swim in the water, due to countless numbers of piranhas lurking in the great lakes. Once the monster is captured or killed, one would receive 12,000 G (according to the "Wanted" poster).


Ahuizotl is encountered after defeating some hostile garpikes in the small underwater town. When the battle starts, Ahuizotl will raise its neck to attack you. You must aim the mouth to deal more damage. Once the attack is cancelled, the boss will retreat and then return to attack.

After dealing enough damage, a cutscene will show Torel or Chris (which is either one of you) escaping from Ahizotl and the two divers are on land. You will need to attack it once the monster pops out of the water. This must be done at least three times on the neck or the mouth (even the jaws).


  • Ahuizotl is either named after the Aztec ruler or the creature of the same name.
  • It clearly resembles the Loch Ness Monster or a plesiosaur, what an Elasmosaurus is based on.

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