Ahriman's Soldier

These are the most common enemies found in the Prince of Persia (2008) video game.


Long ago when Ahriman first started his attempt to take over the universe he made deals with humans in order to increase the size of his armies. All were willing to sell their souls for personal gain but Ahriman didn't truly value them much so he stripped them of their personality and free will so they would better serve his wishes. Eventually most of Ahriman's army was slain and the ones who weren't where sealed away with their dark master inside the Tree of Life.


Early on the Tree of Life is destroyed freeing Ahriman and allowing his soldiers to roam the world once more. It is also possible that Ahriman's magical substance called Corruption is also forcibly transforming humans into his new army. Throughout the game they attack Prince and Elika any time they are near in hopes of stopping the duo's attempts to imprison their master. In the end those who aren't killed are imprisoned in the restored Tree of Life until the Prince ultimately releases them to bring Elika back so they can look for a more permanent way to deal with them after realizing the current way wouldn't last forever.


The Soldiers have very little to no personality throughout the game and act as mere drones that desired to further their master in anyway possible.


They are shown to be physically strong and capable warriors. Most commonly they merely hold large swords but occasionally they wield shields. It can be assumed they hold some form of immortality due to being sealed away so long ago.