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Ahkmou is a minor antagonist of the Bionicle series. He was a traitorous Po-Matoran, a minor servant of Makuta Teridax and Onewa's long-time rival who wanted to betray the entire Matoran universe for the sake of his own agenda.


Ahkmou is a carver in Po-Metru, which was in Metru Nui. He was skilled at many things in his work but master to none; and he was also aware that he had fallen short to Onewa, another Po-Matoran who would later become a Toa of Stone.

Soon, his rivalry and resentment towards Onewa caused Ahkmou to find some ways to make himself famous.

After Teridax successfully took over the Matoran Universe, Ahkmou was made to become the Turaga after Dume and the other six Turaga were captured and were later imprisoned in the Prison of the Dark Hunters. He ordered all the other Po-Matoran carvers to carve the statues of Teridax and banned any unauthorized arts. However, Dume and the other Turaga were eventually freed by Axonn and the Toa Hagah as they later devised a plan to expose Ahkmou. Soon after that, they made their way to the Coliseum where they successfully defeated the Rahkshi guards and prevented Ahkmou from getting out. Upon learning that the Turaga had made their way in, Ahkmou desperately tried to escape but was caught by Dume, who announced that Ahkmou was a traitor.

After Teridax's demise at the hands of Tahu, Ahkmou was last seen sent to the Pit of Daxia to be imprisoned for his crimes. 


Ahkmou was known for his devious and cunning personality. He always sided with whomever he thought would get him ahead. He also involved himself in many crimes and schemes of those on the evil side without even getting caught. Ahkmou seems to only care for himself but not caring about the other Matoran. 

Powers & Abilities

Like all Po-Matoran, Ahkmou have the minor physical strength. He also carries a Kanoka disk launcher, like all Matoran in Metru Nui.

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