Agile is a member of the X-Hunters from Mega Man X2.


Agile, along with Serges and Violen, forms the X Hunters, a group hired by Sigma to dispose of X. While Serges watch their operation to retrieve the parts of Zero, Violen and him keep an eye on X, as he goes to a factory tracking the last of Sigma's followers. Knowing that X was very powerful, they send eight mavericks to hold him off while they continue their operations. After X defeats some of the Mavericks, Serges decides it's the time to intervene. They send a message to Maverick Hunter's HQ, challenging him to fight them in exchange for Zero's parts. X finds Agile during one of his missions, defeating him and retrieving one of Zero's parts. They retreat to a secret base on an island, but X manages to locate it after defeating all of their mavericks. After destroying Violen and Serges, X finds Agile, who attacks X on a flying saucer. X destroys the saucer, which ultimately destroys Agile and put and end to the X Hunters.