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Can't escape my wrath, for I am death.
~ Aghoul

Aghoul is an ancient Babylonian demon & the main villain of A Haunted House (2013) the ghost's name is unknown until th sequel. He is a parody of Bagul.


Malcolm Johnson and his girlfriend Kisha Davis moved to a house whom they shared one day Kisha hearing noises during night. Malcom and Kisha watched the video whom they recond they sees a ghost had sex with Maclocm so he hired a gay psychic named Chip who had lust on Malcolm. Kisha shows video of her birthday to Macolm when she play with imangniny friend. later Kisha had sex with ghost who thought Macolcm . Until Aghoul possessed Kisha who danced for all night, slapped Malcolm and eating uncooked food and milk. her violent behavior soon after Malcolm hired housekeeper.

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