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Agent Lynch (real name: Vance Buress) is the main antagonist of the 2010 film The A-Team. He is loosely based on the character of Colonel Francis Lynch from the original TV series of the same name, but he is much more serious and sinister than him.

He is portrayed by Patrick Wilson.


Agent Lynch is a corrupt CIA agent who first met the A-Team leader Hannibal Smith in Iraq. He assigned to the team the covert mission to recover U.S. Treasury plates stolen by Iraqi insurgents. The team succeeded in the mission; however, they were betrayed by Brock Pike, the leader of the private security team Black Forest, who killed the A-Team's commanding officer, General Russell Morrison. Due to his death, no one could confirm that the A-Team were authorized to act, therefore the members were sentenced to ten years in prison.

6 months later, Lynch goes to prison to talk with Hannibal. He tells him that Pike is in Germany and tries to sell the plates. Hannibal offers to recover the plates if his team is reinstated, which Lynch agrees to. Soon after, Hannibal escapes and later breaks out the rest of the team.

After traveling to Germany, they find Pike and manage to steal him the plates, and Hannibal kidnaps one of his accomplices. Then, it is revealed that the accomplice is actually General Morrison, who has faked his death and plotted with Lynch and Pike to steal the plates. When Lynch learns that the team has Morrison, he orders an airstrike to kill all of them, but the team manages to escape (except Morrison, who tragically dies).

The A-Team decides to lure Lynch and Pike by pretending that Morrison is still alive and organizes a meeting at the docks. They manage to kill most of Lynch's men, including Pike, and Hannibal leads Lynch into a container. There, Lynch admits that he stole the plates, but he is then trapped and arrested.

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