Agent Johnson is a fictional character of The Matrix trilogy and a supporting antagonist in The Matrix Reloaded. He is a high-ranking member of the Agents who became it's newly leader after Agent Smith, it's previous leader, became a corrupt virus.



Johnson was required to defeat Neo so he can prevent the One from reaching the Architect. Johnson is also the upgraded successor of Smith. Johnson was determined to keep the Matrix under control.

Highway Attack

Johnson ordered his two allies to attack the Resistance in the highway. His plan failed since Neo rescued them.

Nuclear Power Plant

Johnson and his allies encountered Neo one last time at the power plant and blew it up.

Final Moments

Johnson was killed by Niobe and Ghost at a sparking computer server.


Johnson is less rogue than his earlier counterpart and is willing to stop Neo.


  • "Then you meant for one more thing; Deletion."


  • Played by Daniel Bernhardt.