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Gibbs (simply known as Agent Gibbs) is the secondary antagonist in Air Force One. He is a mole in the Secret Service and a Radek agent. He is the one responsible for letting Egor Korshunov and his band of Russian terrorists hijack the plane.

He was portrayed by Xander Berkeley.



Gibbs's death

Gibbs was once a trusted friend of President James Marshall (the protagonist of the film). However, it wasn't until the arrest of General Radek, Gibbs secretly plotted with Korshunov to hold Marshall, his entire staff and his family hostage on Air Force One in order to coerce Russian President Petrov to release Radek.

As part of the plan, Gibbs secretly murders several agents and unlocks the plane's on-board armory for Korshunov and his men (disguising as journalists), using a smoke grenade to signal them. To avoid any suspicion, Gibbs maintained his supposed loyalty to Marshall as the plane is being hijacked by the terrorists.

However, after a game of cat-and-mouse, President Marshall manages to help take down all the terrorists (including Korshunov) and cancel Radek's release, resulting Radek to be shot down as he attempted to escape. However, the plane has taken heavy damage and is unable to land safely, so they call in a U.S. Air Force Rescue HC-130 to rescue the President and his family.

However, as Marshall is able to get his family to safety, Gibbs reveals his true colors by shooting down Major Caldwell and a parajumper, demanding Marshall to give him the remaining emergency strap. Fortunately, Marshall fought him long enough to prevent him from getting the emergency strap. Marshall escaped to safety while Gibbs was left on board crying in defeat as Air Force One crashes into the Caspian Sea, killing him instantly.