The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton (abbreviated as A.A.H.W.) is an evil organization originating from the Madness Combat series on Newgrounds. Their goal is to take out Hank Wimbleton, as well as anyone else who opposes their campaign for complete domination of Nevada, such as Sanford and Deimos.

The Sheriff was apparently the leader of the organization from Madness Combat 2 to Madness Combat 3. After he was taken out, The Auditor took charge around the time of Madness Combat 5. Under his leadership, the 1337 agents were upgraded to the l33t agents. New ranks such as the Accelerated Training Program and Mag Agents also arose.

Jesus and Tricky both used to be allies of the organization until the latter assassinated the former. Upon being revived, Jesus rebelled against the organization and the Auditor, while Tricky left to continue his vengeance against Hank.


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Hank J. Wimbleton

Agency Against Hank Wimbleton
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