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Tradition be damned... I cannot forgive the Oboro for taking Moritsune away from me.
~ Ageha to Hotsuma.

Ageha is a kunoichi who is a member of the Oboro Clan and a minor villainess in the 2002 videogame Shinobi. She betrayed her fellow Oboro ninjas and revived Hiruko Ubusuna in order to bring Moritsune back to life.


Early life

Ageha is a childhood friend of Hotsuma and Moritsune. When they were children, Moritsune saved Ageha from Akujiki, the soul-absorbing blade, after which Ageha developed romantic feelings for him when she grew up.

She and her clan's elder Kobushi watched and witnessed the fight between Moritsune and Hotsuma, though she was reluctant towards the battle. after a long exhausting fight, Hotsuma finally slew his brother, though he felt a great deal of guilt from it.

Betrayal and Death

After the death of Moritsune, she left the clan and broke the seal to release Hiruko, hoping that he would resurrect Moritsune.

She gets in Hotsuma's way when he tries entering the Kunai Shrine outside the city of Tokyo to kill Hiruko, resulting in a battle between them.

She flees after being defeated, running to Hiruko at the Kunai Shrine to see if Moritsune has been revived. However, upon seeing Moritsune alive, she embraces him, only to be stabbed and killed by him seconds later when he was possessed by Aomizuchi.

The souls of both Ageha and Moritsune have been now absorbed into Akujiki. Hotsuma himself later proceeds to find the Golden Palace and to make Hiruko pay for his crimes.

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