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Tradition be damned... I cannot forgive the Oboro for taking Moritsune away from me.
~ Ageha to Hotsuma.

Ageha (in Japanese: 朱刃; Red Blade) is a kunoichi (lady ninja) who is a member of the Oboro Clan and a minor villainess in the 2002 videogame Shinobi. She betrayed her fellow Oboro ninjas and revived Hiruko Ubusuna in order to bring Moritsune back to life.

Ageha was once Hotsuma's friend. She fell in love with his brother early on in life, so she never understood how Hotsuma cared for her. When Moritsune was killed by Hotsuma, she was devastated, and unable to forgive the Oboro for forcing the brothers to fight, or Hotsuma for killing him, she abandons the clan and goes rogue. Her judgment clouded by loss, grief, rage, and revenge, she seeks a way to restore her beloved back to the world of the living.


Early life

A tomboyish young girl of the Oboro clan village, Ageha was a childhood friend of Hotsuma and Moritsune. When they were children they would often play together. Raised under her foster father and mentor, the clan's elder chief Kobushi, her childhood seemed ideal. There were very few kunoichi in the Oboro who didn't long for Moritsune, who was touted as a prodigy and the first candidate for leadership, and Ageha was no exception.

The Demon Blade; The Tragic Destined Duel

One day while playing the trio found the temple of the Oboro clan. Ageha went inside first, and found a chest. She opened the chest and found a crimson sword inside. Hotsuma sensed they would be in trouble if Kobushi found out, and told Ageha to put it back, but Ageha refused, and claimed the sword as her own. But as soon as she drew the blade, an evil glow emanated from the sword, and Ageha found herself unable to let go.

Terrified Ageha screamed in fear. Moritsune sends Hotsuma to fetch Kobushi, while Moritsune tries to get Ageha from the sword. He grabs the sword and remembers a story from his grandfather about the soul-eating sword, Akujiki. Realizing that the sword she's holding is that sword, she watches in horror as Moritsune strikes his own face with it to save her. Kobushi and Hotsuma arrive and find her safe, but are mortified to see Moritsune holding the blade, his face forever scarred.

After that horrid experience, the three learned that the sword they found, Akujiki, was to be used to determine the clan's next heir. To her shock and horror it meant that both Hotsuma and Moritsune would be forced to kill each other over it. Over their ten years of training, Ageha slowly developed feelings of endearment towards Moritsune, which ultimately grew into romantic love for him.

The duel for succession occurred on a full moon in the summer, as cherry blossoms danced in the winds. Ageha did not want the two siblings to go through with it. Kobushi commands her to stand down, with the kunoichi declaring the match and the tradition insanity. Kobushi tries in vain to console her, when at the final moment, she was forced to watch as Moritsune dies at Hotsuma's hands.

Betrayal and Death

After the death of Moritsune, the heartbroken Ageha left the clan and became a Nuke-nin (抜け忍; rogue ninja). She would be pursued for four years, but never retrieved. Driven mad with grief and her hatred of the Oboro at its peak, she infiltrated Kumano Shrine, and broke the taboo by removing the seal on Hiruko Ubusuna. begging him to resurrect Moritsune. Hiruko agrees and proceeds to take his vengence on the Oboro (and subsequently hers too). She watches Hotsuma from the shadows, aware of what transpired at the Oboro village. She scoffs at Hotsuma's leadership ability, claiming he has no qualms about killing his friends even if they are already dead. Hotsuma, feeling nothing after closing himself off emotionally for so long, reminds her that she's not Oboro anymore and tells her it's not her concern. She berates him for his blind loyalty to the now extinct clan, calling him the "leader of nothing". Hotsuma departs, telling her to leave and Ageha watches him ascend to the rooftops of Tokyo pondering.

After Hotsuma's run in with the mysterious masked ninja, she finds Hotsuma struggling with Akujiki; free of its seal. She tells him the story of Akujiki and its horrid greed for Yin; the unclean spiritual energies of the dead. And warns him that if left unfed of blood, Akujiki would eat away at his soul instead. Hotsuma shrugs it off, prepared to face that if it happens, when the two are attacked by a Hellspawn. After seeing Hotsuma gain a clear understanding of Akujiki, she goes off to find Kobushi, and finds him near death at the Kumano shrine. As she tries to save him, she is attacked by a Hellspawn Helicopter, and saved by Hotsuma. After Kobushi explains about Hiruko, Hotsuma departs, leaving Kobushi with Ageha. The lady shinobi watches in sorrow as her beloved mentor dies in her arms.

Ageha would appear to Hotsuma once again after Kagari Ubusuna is captured by the masked ninja. She tells him that Hiruko is rebuilding Yatsurao, a Hellspawn Weapon at the Nakatomi Conglomerate's factory.

She reveals her betrayal after Hotsuma rushes through Kan'Ei temple to get at Hiruko. Cursing the Oboro's traditions, she reveals she cannot forgive the Oboro or Hotsuma for Moritsune's death. She reveals that the duel between them was not meant to decide the next leader at all, but to keep Akujiki surpressed by feeding it a pure spirit. She then asks Hotsuma why Moritsune had to die for something so terrible. Hotsuma counters by asking her if that was why she had the Oboro murdered. Ageha is too guilty to answer, and replies she just wanted to save Moritsune, and now that the time was close at hand, she couldn't let anyone, not even Hotsuma, get in the way of getting her beloved back as the two former friends do battle.

Ageha is defeated, and flees, running to Hiruko to see if Moritsune has been revived. Upon seeing Moritsune alive, she embraces him, only to be stabbed and killed by him seconds later when he was possessed by Aomizuchi, one of the four Hellspawn Lords.

After Hotsuma exorcizes Aomizuchi from Moritsune's body, the true Moritsune warmly greets Hotsuma. He decides to take Ageha with him into Akujiki, where she is now able to be together with him forever like she wanted.


Initially Ageha started out as a caring friend to Hotsuma and Moritsune. As a child she was shown to be a tomboyish and rambunctious young girl, always getting into mischief. When she found Akujiki, she refused to cut Moritsune with it when he told her to to save her own life, and when he saved her, she fell in love with him, and never understood how Hotsuma felt about her. But once Moritsune died, she was consumed by grief and anguish, that she couldn't stay in the Oboro clan anymore, blaming its traditions for what it had done to Moritsune. Driven insane by grief, she broke the Oboro taboo gambling saving Moritsune by freeing the clan's mortal enemy from his imprisonment and killing the Oboro off in revenge. After meeting Hotsuma after four long years, she was quick to show her disdain with mock compliments of his leadership of the clan, showing that she still despised him for Moritsune's death. While occasionally giving Hotsuma clues, she was so sure she'd get Moritsune back, she didn't notice that it wasn't him, showing her judgment completely ekewed. Even in death she thought that Aomizuchi was Moritsune, ignorant of the fact that Hiruko was manipulating her the whole time.


The Oboro are dead! You are the leader of nothing!
~ Ageha to Hotsuma.
En garde!
~ Ageha
I cannot let you pass!
~ Ageha while fighting Hotsuma.
I... have failed.
~ Ageha upon her defeat.