Agatha is the mean nanny who bullies Jessie and Zuri in the episode World Wide Web of Lies. She ran a blog called "Toddler Tattler", where she posted out-of-context pictures that made Jessie and other nannies look like they were lousy at their jobs. However, Jessie and Christina Ross blackmailed her into taking it down. Agatha is similar-looking to Nanny McPhee from the film franchise Nanny McPhee, but their personalities are completely different. She is portrayed by Jennifer Veal.


  • She looks similar to Nanny McPhee. This might be a reference to the movie.
  • Her website, Toddler Tattler, is actually a real website, but not about Jessie and the other nannies.
  • Her name might be a reference to Agatha Trunchbull.