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You shall look for the bearer of the red soul of your time. Kill them, and the whole world shall be yours. Make them FEAR you, and if that's not enough, HATE will give you the POWER necessary to fulfill this mission. And with that, little Amber... my life is yours.
~ Agate's last words before dying

Agate Lightvale, also known as Bravery or The Wizard of Bravery, is a major antagonist and the Bigger Bad as well as technically main antagonist of Season 2 of the popular web series Glitchtale.


Agate was undeniably brutal and insane and always wears a happy expression whenever she harmed somebody - even if they were family, children, etc. A perfect example of all this was when she remorselessly killed her younger sister (Amber) in front of Copper and proceeded to mercilessly kill him.

However, Agate was not always a complete and utter sociopath. Originally, she was good-natured and loving towards her family. At the time, her views towards humans and monsters living side by side were justified; she thought it would stir up fighting and she was just trying to prevent wars.

Also, both before and after she changed her trait from bravery to FEAR, she always believed she was doing the right thing.


Agate Lightvale wore a long orange dress that had an orange bow on its back that sometimes appeared as the color yellow. She had long and somewhat wavy orange hair and orange eyes.

When she lost her trait, her eyes and hair turned grey. After turning her soul pink, her hair and eyes became pink instead.


At one point, a long time ago, monsters were once equal to humans. However, at one point, a war between the two races occurred. After an extremely long battle, the humans won. Seven wizards, two being Copper Lightvale and Agate Lightvale, created a barrier, sealing the monsters underground.

Agate and Copper raised their younger sister Amber together and, for a time, the family was happy and free of trouble. However, Agate's and Copper's disagreements eventually came to a head and began to cause problems for the family. Even though they both helped create the barrier, Agate and Copper had different opinions on it. Copper hated it and wanted to break it. However, Agate wanted to keep it and thought it was a good way to keep peace between monsters and humans.

At one point, the two siblings decided to have a duel (complete with an audience, including Amber) to determine if the barrier should stay or not. At the start of the battle, Agate's power was superior. But, as the battle progressed, her brother's power continued to grow, causing him to beat his sister. As a result of losing the battle, Agate lost her soul trait and (later) her sanity, deciding that she must destroy her siblings and determination as a whole, now so far gone in her belief that the world would be better without humans and monsters living together. She began a quest to find a trait stronger than determination. At one point, she found a forbidden spell that would give her a soul trait stronger than determination.

With a new soul, Agate returned to fight Copper again. This time instead of his determination growing throughout the battle, Copper lost more and more of his determination throughout the battle, especially when Agate murdered Amber in cold blood. As a result, he was overwhelmed by the incredible strength within his sister. The battle was so destructive, it destroyed the entire kingdom. In the end, Copper was killed and Agate was victorious.

Sadly, Agate's soul was unable to adapt to the sudden change, causing her to begin to die. In her last moments, she used her soul and Amber's body (Amber's original soul disappeared into the afterlife for good) to create Bete Noire, who would kill all monsters and humans when the barrier was broken.

When Betty awoke, she retained the cheerful and innocent personality of Amber. She met Akumu, her monster half, and the two began adventuring until Agate's evil spirit returned and filled Betty and Kumu with all the evil that had consumed Agate herself.


  • It was confirmed on Tumblr that she is technically Bete Noire since she has her soul.
  • Betty's mother and the girl that appeared in Dust resemble Agate Lightvale.