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Afran is a Leader of the afran soldiers and the Boss in the 
Game Dead island.
"Time to die!"
"Guest I"ll just have to kill you myself!"
"im going to enjoy this!"
— Afran, Telling the Heroes that they are going to die fighting him, before ironically being killed.

Afran was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located in the jungle area of Banoi Island. He was a jungle warlord commanding several dozen armed soldiers, and the arch-rival of Matutero of the River Village. During the infection, Afran and his men used the opportunity to attack the River Villageand loot it of all weapons and supplies, as well as to steal the village's last functioning boat.

He is the primary focus of the quest "Soldier of Fortune", in which the Hero must assault Afran's headquarters, kill him, and retrieve the stolen boat.

Afran has much more health than a sta

ndard human enemy (even more than the Thug), and also wears a suit of full body armor that significantly reduces the damage he takes from attacks and also renders him immune to headshots and dismemberment.


Afrans wear a Riot helmet and wearing military uniform Full body armor

and leg armor.

Gallery Edit


Before the boathouse where Afran is located, directly in front of the player 

there should be three grenades next to a MedKit and someammunition. It's advised to throw the grenades onto the balcony to kill Afran.

  • It would be wise to kill his soldiers before the player targets Afran, as the reinforced firepower makes him even more dangerous.
  • There are explosive barrels littered about on the balconies. It's advised to try shooting the barrels at their locations to ease Afran and his soldiers off. However, be aware that this won't always work.
  • It would be wise to bring at least three to five Molotov Cocktails for the fight against him.


Dead Island - Fight Afran - Theme Soundtrack01:35

Dead Island - Fight Afran - Theme Soundtrack

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