Afina 2

Afina was a one-shot villainess in "Awakening," a third season episode of Sanctuary. 

She was played by Aliyah O'Brien. 


Afina was an ancient vampire queen who was frozen for many centuries in a tomb in East Africa. Afina was discovered by Helen Magnus and Nikola Tesla, and Magnus freed her in order to save Tesla. After being freed, Afina was cordial to both Magnus and Tesla, but she would later reveal her true colors and betrayed them. Afina resurrected her plans to take over the world and she planned to use Magnus as a blood source. Magnus decided to give Afina the key to Hollow Earth, but only if she spared the surface. Afina agrees to the deal, and Magnus gave her the map and the password. However, Afina was unaware that the map was booby trapped against vampires, and as a result, the compound exploded, assumingly killing Afina.